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Uwe's Personal uClinux pages

What's This?

These pages were initially intended to be used only by me. I have found, however, that there are a lot of questions being asked in the mailing lists which have been discussed and explained well enough. Sometimes, though, the answers to some of these may be hard to find. This is where these pages are supposed to come in. So, most of this stuff has been scratched together from mailing lists, FAQs, a lot of help from experts and web pages that are all over the place. They are by no means perfect and may sometimes even be incorrect. To help me and others, please report any errors, add-ons, etc. to me. Thank you very much.

Also, please note that these pages are completely unfinished and will never cease to be under contruction... But then again, shouldn't they all be?! ;-)

As soon as I feel I can let all this junk be passed to others, I would like these pages to go to An outstanding site with helpful articles, good humour. Great work, David, thank you very much for this.

How It Started

I started with uClinux about three years ago with the purchase of two uCsimm's, these were lying around for some time until my first project came and I just had to touch them. Soon enough it showed, after the first project was finished, that Kernel 2.0.38 and the "Stoneage" uClibc would not suffice for my next project and I got into Kernel 2.4 and the uClinux-dist. So here I am...

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